Park City photography book reviews

“Many of the book’s stunning slice-in-time landscape pictures (Pieros’s specialty) and personality-filled lifestyle images (Maziarz’s wheelhouse) are as familiar as old friends; others are captured in ways sure to make you take a second look when you see them next in person. And the essays—penned by former mayor Dana Williams, open space advocate Cheryl Fox, trails guru Charlie Sturgis, and five others—lend a texture often absent from  photographic collections. This one’s a keeper. A tome that, after resting on the nightstand while you peruse the essays, is worthy of occupying a prominent place on your coffee table for years to come.
Melissa Fields, Park City Magazine editor, Winter 2015-16, more here.


“Nice work, honey” —Rick’s Mom.


“This book is not only a great gift idea for Park City visitors, but also Park City residents. The images by Rick Pieros and Mark Maziarz are colorful, scenic and emotive. Those, along with the included essays, capture the moments that make living in Park City a life-affirming experience.”                  —Scott Iwasaki, Park Record, November 2015 Read the Park Record story here.


“I’m so proud of my kid.” —Mark’s Mom.


Our book made the KUER 2015 Holiday Book Show!
Listen to Ken Sanders of Ken Sanders Rare Books and host Doug Fabrizio try to pronounce Mark’s last name while mentioning how much they like Rick’s old building photographs starting at 31:38.                  —Listen here.
P.S. This is how to pronounce Maziarz: MAY-zee-arz (rhymes with lazy Rs)


“Is it possible to fall in love with a place one has never been? The book is stunning.”     —Valerie Hicks, Madison, WI, purchased as a gift for her sister


Interview on KPCW. Listen here. (Listen to interviews about books with authors Dallas Graham and Kate Shatz in the first part of the interview, then go to ours which starts at about 41:45)